Introduction to the Kingdom

This class covers introductory revelation of the Kingdom of GOD, the purpose of the body of Christ, the apostolic and prophetic nature of the body of Christ.


Empowering the Body

This class covers the importance of the body of Christ every joint supplies, calling, gifting, assignments, activation. People will take the DISC assessment, biblical spiritual warfare, unity.


The Believers Arsenal

This course covers the basics of rightly dividing scripture, how to study the bible, spiritual disciplines, prayer, basics of biblical spiritual warfare, the love walk and the truth about strongholds.


Old Testament Survey

The Law and it's purpose, understanding the Torah.


New Testament Survey

The law Fulfilled in Christ, Keeping the commands of God by walking in the Spirit.

The Way

The WAY is Destined to Win's ministry trail for spiritual growth and development.

The WAY offers the tools necessary through classes, seminars and ministry sessions to perfect believers.

There are 5 TRACKS

  • Foundation
  • Growth+
  • Equipping the Saints
  • Family
  • Leadership Academy

Embracing the Vision- New Members Class


New Creation Realities

This class covers the basic truths of the new birth, identification, justification, sanctification, salvation, triune nature of man, living and believing from the heart, renewal of the mind.


The Six Principles of the Doctrine of Christ

This class covers the six principles of the doctrine of Christ listed in Hebrews 6:1 - 4. Instruction will cover the three guiding lights for accurate new covenant bible interpretation.

Believers will begin to understand the principle of faith righteousness verses works righteousness and understand the power of true repentance from dead works.

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ETS 101

Conquering the Kingdom Within

This course covers the dynamics of spirit, soul and body, the Holy Spirits infilling, identity in Christ, walking in the Spirit, spiritual bondage, freedom practicum, maintaining freedom, ministering freedom to others.

ETS 102

Doing the Works of Christ

This course covers how to minister, healing, deliverance, the gifts of the Spirit and ministering in the supernatural.

ETS 103

Cultivating the Prophetic

This course covers the basics of prophesy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, as standard equipment for believers we will also cover the difference between spirit of prophesy, gift of prophesy, and the Prophets office. We will cover personal prophesy and it's new testament operation, psalmist and minstrels, prophetic protocol and includes a prophetic practicum, prophetic presbytery.

ETS 104

Apostolic Evangelism

Training in evangelism and outreach, includes ministry in supernatural evangelism and how to conduct a treasure.

Family Track Classes Coming

  • ETS 105 - Ministry of Prayer
  • FAM 101 - Kingdom Parenting
  • FAM 102 - Premarital Counseling
  • FAM 103 - Thriving Blended Families
  • FAM 104 - Wisdom for Married Women